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Aug 5th/6th recap: nothing at AlbertaWX

While wild weather did wreak havoc in many areas it did not do so at a time and area for us to come up with anything.

Friday started in the south around Calgary, the city was hit hard by a slow moving storm that triggered deadly flash floods and piles of hail that dented cars and shredded trees.

The 2nd round of weather came roaring down the Yellowhead with frequent ground strikes over Edmonton and towards the SK border. The storm hit while Ryan was at his at work, Around 10 lightning strikes hit within a block while the severe lightning storm passed over Edmonton. No footage was shot due to security regulations. Nothing from the 2 lines hit the Wetaskiwin area so I(Mike) failed to get anything either. the cloud from the storm was also just enough to shut out any chance of seeing the geomagnetic storm while it was still strong.

Round 3 hit Saturday with warnings for areas north of Calgary to Red deer and the SK border, a couple weak cells of the north edge of the system hit the Wetaskiwin area with some rain and the odd lightning flash.


Risk of severe WX today into tomorrow

Severe thunderstorms are possible today into the overnight and tomorrow. MLCAPEs of 1000-1750 today along the foothills where the storms will form and move east through the night. Shear is low for today but will grow through the night and into tomorrow. The highest risk tomorrow is along the SK border from Loydminster to Medicine Hat, MLCAPE nearing 2000 with 30-45kt shear on all levels in the Alberta side of the CAPE. Severe pulse storms today becoming weak meso overnight, stronger supercells are possible tomorrow

Severe weather turns out big time!

With the early arrival of a weak cold front at around 9am I figured the chance of severe thunderstorms dissipated, it turns out the “cold front” was just a messenger. The real cold front turned up after supper and tore the CAP open leading to flash convection(some storms formed in a single 10min radar frame).

The first round of storms roared out of the foothills and make parts of the Leduc area look like winter, the same system moved east at a rapid pace making for a tough chase.

The 2nd round was by far the scariest, though I ended up missing it due to “core punch avoidance”. Had i gone after it I would have been cored near Ponoka as the storm passed over #2 and #2A, windshield preservation is top priority. I chose to use #21 to get south of it but at it’s fast pace I ended up using #56 and getting gas in Camrose. Most of the time i was dealing with heavy rain and heavy traffic from the big valley jamboree making for some of the worst driving conditions I’ve been through in a while.

Once on #56 I went for it, by now the supercell had long ago turned into a squall line that extended to Wetaskiwin(literally formed right on top of it) and speed up even more. I eventually ended up getting cored by the line near Edberg only getting very heavy rain. Once it had passed I made a few attempts to catch up and called it a night after the storm passed HWY 36. Meanwhile I was treated to quite the light show, the lightning was not only frequent but very bright and even when I got back to Wetaskiwin the lightning was still lighting up the sky from 100km away.