Monthly Archives: August 2012

Chasing begins to wrap up for the season

Though with severe storms still around as the season wraps up Mike R is going on the Winter 12 hour shifts.
Ryan K has not seen changes to his work week so still the mid week days off so chases with Mike R and Ryan K are over for 2012. Ryan K may be out on a chase with Mike W or Matt M a few times before the season comes to it’s end. A few weekend solo chases from Mike R could be in store. With a ample money and a new vehicle possibly on the way we might see one more weekend Sask chase(Mike R solo) before the summer is over. Another note. If at least two of us can get days off in the same week in May 2013 we may be launching AlbertaWX,s first ever USA chase!
Weather wise the heat and humidity looks to last longer than expected with no major changes to the weather and we see supercells extend into September. Though it takes only one major frost to kill the transpiration and thus most local humidity sources

August 5 2012 chase

The AlbertaWX team was in the Innisfail area when we caught this fellow. This thing nearly produced but once again no tornado. Also encountered many other chasers in the area. The chasers featured in the one photo are Chris Reimer and his team.

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