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Strong winter storm lashes Alberta.

What was expected to be a mere 10cm of snow has ballooned into a major dump of more than 20cm over a large area. I measured 21cm here in Wetaskiwin, but drifts easily reach 2 or 3 feet.
The snow also came down very fast and the entire 20+cm came down in less than 12 hours which quickly overwhelmed motorists.
All the snow and wind caused hundreds of crashes in and around Edmonton, one of them involving more than 100 vehicles North of the Wetaskiwin overpass on the QE2. Wetaskiwin received some of the injured and stranded, local hotels are likely fully booked and buses were called in to help take people to Edmonton. A crash also occurred on 2A between Hobbema and Wetaskiwin completely severing the highway 2 corridor for about an hour until it was cleared up. Highways that managed to stay open were a parking lot of much of the day.
The storm may have been supercharged by a near record low AO(arctic osculation) dipping to -5.6 yesterday. So more extreme weather is not out of the question

Snomageddon 2013

Buses in the snow

Winter's long grip

Note: I will be putting off my spring 2013 forecast until a later date

March 2013 Forecast

I have issued my forecast for the month. After a 5C above normal February I expect things to become more normal for March due to some arctic air that has been on the models starting around the 10th. March also has a warmer average so unless I start seeing 10C+ on the models(which i’m not at least for the first half) I’m confident that march wont be warmer than normal, in fact it could finish colder than normal. Snowfall and rainfall may end up higher than normal in some areas setting up for a good spring moisture wise. I will issue a spring forecast around the usual time near the 21st of the month.