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Record breaking rainfall possible in large areas of Alberta!

Starting tonight and lasting partly into Wednesday amounts of 30-70mm are expected to fall over a large part of Alberta. The significance of this system is the time of year. All time records for a singly day rainfall in April are lower, around 25-50mm. This means that the forecast amounts are record breaking.

I’ve made this map to show where I believe the heaviest rain could fall. The Drayton Valley, Pigeon Lake area could see the most



While climate Data seems to be hard to find I have found a few sites in the heaviest rains that may set a new monthly 24 hour rainfall record. In which the forecast is within 5mm or is experted to exceed the record

Edmonton intl: 43.4mm set on the 23rd of April 1990(daily plus monthly record)

Edmonton City centre: 27.2mm set on the 20th of April 1940

Camrose: 22.1mm set on the 30th of April 1951

Stony plain: 40.2mm set on the 23rd of April 1990(daily plus monthly record)

Wetaskiwin: 21.6mm set on the 23rd of Arpil 1990(daily plus monthly record)

Nordegg: 21.2mm set on the 24th of April 1983

Red Deer: 48mm set on the 30th of April 1951

Whitecourt: 24.2mm set of the 24th of April 1991

Stay tune for more updates. EC will likely issue a summary of the if records are broken.

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