Monthly Archives: June 2014

More flooding for southern Alberta!

Second year of flooding possible for southern Alberta. The Southern basins. Areas include High River, The bow, Milk River  and the Old Man River. up to 175mm possible according to the GFS models.

more information can be found at.


Storms brewing while Carvel Radar is down!

Team member Mike Rurak is chasing a cell west of Ponoka, Alberta. With Carvel Radar down we have to be extra careful!10284970_289023511275365_6539725043819702694_o

Forecast for June is now in, Lots of thunderstorms and some snow. WAIT? Snow?

While June is not expected to run colder than normal a strong cold front mid week is expected too cool the air enough for snow to fall. Accumulations are all over the place in the models but it is expected late week, afterwards the temperatures are expected to quickly shoot back into the 20s.

So far we have documented 6 thunderstorms, most were quite weak as it is still early in the year for supercells.

Video of a close strike on May 31st