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July 25/26 lightning footage in central AB near QE2.

Since todays setup is failing due the weak cold front hitting early the storms will probably end up in Sask. In the meantime entrertain yourself with Mike Ruraks lightning video.

Slight risk of severe thunderstorms Sunday in Alberta

A slight risk of severe thunderstorms Sunday July 31. MLCAPE is only 750-1250 but with 30kt mid level and 60kt upper level shear isolated severe thunderstorms are likely with large hail and high winds. Any supercells will be the LP variety due to dews barely getting into the mid teens. The dry August air appears to be making an early appearance, as is the August heat. August is LP month for sure, and hopefully no more soupy green hail bombs this year.

On another note the setup last Monday became nocturnal with storms firing up all night along the QE2 between Olds and Leduc. Since then another 2 days saw thunderstorms once again including Non-severe storms along #13 on July 28 and severe cells around Calgary on the 29th that promoted tornado warnings. Even with CAPE values as low as 500j/kg the Shear was enough to keep the severe thunderstorms going

Severe weather possible Monday

Just a week after the exceptionally severe outbreak of July 18-20; severe thunderstorms are once again possible over much of central Alberta though the setup is not as epic as last week. 1500-2000 MLCAPE and shear is quite weak(30-40kt upper and less than 30kt in the mid levels). There should however be Severe pulse storms and a few longer lived cells with large hail, high winds, and heavy rain. Stay tuned for updates