Back to basics

I haven’t been around much to update the website. Our Facebook has been much more active, unfortunately we have neglected the website. I am hoping to make more use of the website in the coming season as my son has gotten older and I have more time on my hands.

Spring 2020 west of Edmonton

This year I managed to get a couple of chases in but I didn’t upload much as far as content there was a few chases that were pretty decent. It was a fairly active year so often times I ended up looking mournfully at the radar from home or work.

Our chase team has basically shrunk to just me for now. Matt Melnyk left because most of the AlbertaWX is based in Edmonton and he moved down to Calgary for work. He wanted to have chase partners that were nearby which is understandable. Mike Rurak wanted to start his own page under his own name even though we still chase together he won’t be posting under the AlbertaWX name.

We have aquired some new members; a couple of pilots who will remain anonymous for now and we still have our team of people who help out with the graphics and occasionally chase. The future remains bright for AlbertaWX as we look foward to the future. This year has been especially tough on everyone including storm chasers. We will continue to carry on and never stop chasing.

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