Tornado warning issued for Southern Alberta!

Mountain View Co. near Carstairs and Stirlingville
4:49 PM MDT Thursday 07 July 2011
Tornado warning for
Mountain View Co. near Carstairs and Stirlingville upgraded from Severe thunderstorm warning

At 4.40 PM a weather watcher reported a brief tornado touchdown just southwest of bergen Alberta. Conditions remain favourable for this thunderstorm to produce possible tornadoes as the storm tracks to the east at 15 km/h.

This is a warning that severe thunderstorms with tornadoes are imminent or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions. Take immediate safety precautions.

A warm, moist airmass is in place through Central Alberta with cooling coming in aloft from a developing weather system. Thunderstorms have started to trigger along the foothills and will track into Central Alberta this evening. Some of these thunderstorms are expected to become severe giving large hail, strong winds and heavy rain.

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