Aug 5th/6th recap: nothing at AlbertaWX

While wild weather did wreak havoc in many areas it did not do so at a time and area for us to come up with anything.

Friday started in the south around Calgary, the city was hit hard by a slow moving storm that triggered deadly flash floods and piles of hail that dented cars and shredded trees.

The 2nd round of weather came roaring down the Yellowhead with frequent ground strikes over Edmonton and towards the SK border. The storm hit while Ryan was at his at work, Around 10 lightning strikes hit within a block while the severe lightning storm passed over Edmonton. No footage was shot due to security regulations. Nothing from the 2 lines hit the Wetaskiwin area so I(Mike) failed to get anything either. the cloud from the storm was also just enough to shut out any chance of seeing the geomagnetic storm while it was still strong.

Round 3 hit Saturday with warnings for areas north of Calgary to Red deer and the SK border, a couple weak cells of the north edge of the system hit the Wetaskiwin area with some rain and the odd lightning flash.

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