AlbertaWX Saskatchewan Chase, So close but no Sky Cigar

A long and somewhat worthwhile chase in Sask on Sunday and Monday. Sunday was short only getting some squall lines in the Loydminster area and went to Watson,SK to spend the night. Monday I left toward the direction of Moose Jaw. First rather appealing HP storm moved through earlier in the day and I checked it out near Linagan. Some of the most incredible thunder I’ve heard in a long time. By now a squall line had formed in SE Alberta So I made my way toward Moose Jaw.

Not knowing the roads in Sask very well(and warnings of still flood damaged highways) I ended up going up to Saskatoon and then back south towards Moose Jaw, barely passing though Saskatoon before a line of hailstorms moved in, by now the moose Jaw area already had tornadoes on the ground and I was going 130km/h to make time. I finally got to it when it was then northwest of Moose Jaw. I stopped in Chamberlain to take some photos of the shrinking meso and got an apparent funnel cloud that at the same time seen on TVNweather
streams. I followed the storm and squall line to Regina and after taking some shots of the mammatus filled sky I headed back on a very long drive, stopping in Medicine hat for the night and then back home.

By far the longest chase I’ve done so far, Sure will make less mistakes next time I chase in Sask, and bring a decent road map as well.

Weather models currently show a flurry of possible severeWX setups in the coming weeks, it looks like a good summer indeed.


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