Major blizzard strikes parts of Alberta

A major blizzard, the first of the year, is already bringing heavy snow to parts of Alberta. The snow will only get heavier and by tomorrow morning the winds will be 37-52km/h gusting to 80 over a wide swath of central and southern Alberta. While the blizzard warning does not extend to the Edmonton area that does not mean Edmonton won’t get a blizzard. Winds in Edmonton could be in the 35-45km/h range and blizzard conditions WILL be present in open ares in the Edmonton area! The highest winds will be in the vast exposed grasslands of Southern Alberta. Snowfall totals in Edmonton are iffy as the areas is on the edge of the heaviest bands of snow.

East of Edmonton should expect 10-15cm with 15-25cm in the city itself. Areas south of Edmonton and down to Calgary and Medicine hat could see up to 30cm+.

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