Major Spring snow storm taking aim at central and northern Alberta!

Now that we have melted most if not all of the winter snowpack it looks like some areas including Edmonton are going to get it all back.

Models indicate between 15 and 30+cm to fall in a band from Grande Prairie to Loydminister hand as far south as Red Deer. Outside that as far south as Calgary can expect 5-15cm in some location.

Around 10cm of the total amounts should melt on contact or between the two rounds of heavier snow.

The system is already arrived and starting as rain, it will change over to snow tonight and on and of continue for the next 4 days. Heaviest snow will be on the weekend and on Tuesday. Sustained winds will be around 25km/h with gusts as high as 50km/h. Expect reduced visibility in exposed areas. The primary concern is the the wet and heavy nature of the spring snow, power outages due to ice and snow laden trees and wires should be expected with amounts as high as 30cm. Road conditions as always will be treacherous so limit you weekend activities accordingly. Plus its not like we did not get two weekends in a row in the mid teens

The ground has also thawed partly so this huge dump will likely melt into the ground and serve as fuel for the 2015 storm season. Also if temperatures make a quick rebound localized flooding may be a concern. Currently this is not the case as it may take until the following weekend to rebound.

I would expect warnings from environment Canada if models continue to hold in this direction.

Stay tuned for further details and changes as this storms severity is still uncertain

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