Historic snowfall buries parts of Central Alberta. Shatters all time 24 hour snowfall record.

A intense and compact storm had dumped upwards of 40cm+ on areas to the south of Edmonton while leaving the city itself completely free of snow.

Currently an area of heavy snow has stalled over the area, if it lasts into the evening it May be possible to see totals in excess of 50cm locally. There has never been a snowstorm in this area to drop more than 50cm in 24 hours. The only reason we may not see this in the record books is the fact the area does not have a long running record of snowfall acumulations.

Wetaskiwin measured at 37cm as of noon. This shattered the all time 24 hour snowfall record of 31cm set on Apr 27 1988.

All time records in nearby areas are in the 30-40cm range so This is the most snow these areas have ever had dumped on them. Ever!

To make matters worse the record shattering snow dump is expected to completely melt in ~24 hours and major flooding is a real possibility.

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