Chase report for Aug 14th

The setup turned out quite a bit different than originally forecast. We had put the highest risk from Drumheller, to Edmonton and over to Loydminster.

The storms formed up over the Wainwright, Loydminster region and west toward ares north of Edmonton. We first headed to Wainwright after 2 storms and busted when the storm hit the gas into Saskachewan, the other storm died soon after. We headed back and we were drawn to the northern storm that cycled south so vigorously it looked as if it made a 90 degree turn south from two hills. we caught up to it south of Lavoy on #36 and filmed some timelapse, we got as close to it as we could but we knew by the golf ball sized hail sitting in the ditch not to go any farther north.

On another note the season is winding down, We expect one more storm setup before the season ends. The setup is showing around Aug 21-27. Stay tuned

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