June 27th recap, major heatwave on the way!

June 26th/27 saw the first nocturnal storm of the year in the Edmonton area. Frequent lightning strikes made noise all night. Several storms also formed up to the south of Millet during daylight hours and into the evening.

A major heatwave is coming this weekend and could last well into next week. Temperatures should rise into the high 20s at first but later get into the low to mid 30s. A few model runs are even going as far as showing high 30s, or even the 40s!

All this heat will combine with the saturated ground to create some of the muggiest conditions of the year, possibly triggering humidex advisories much like we saw last year.
As for WX good helicity and upper level shear should allow for an almost daily chance of discrete supercells over a wide area. Low level shear is not as high so tornadoes will be few and far between.

Then again the storms may bring very large hail, very intense lightning, severe downpours and damaging winds.

Saturday seems to be the first of the storm days. SBcape up to 3500 along with shear will create 0-3km EHI levels of 2 or 3, and 0-1km EHI of 1 or 2.

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