Severe weather outbreak expected today, incredible heat and humidity

A cold front is expected to slice through some of the muggiest air ever seen in Alberta, with shear and helicity sky high the risk of an outbreak is fairly high. Temperatures in the mid 30s and dewpoints in the low to mid 20s make it feel more like it’s in the low to mid 40s. The timing of the cold front is just after the supper hour and a strong cap is allowing the heat and humidity build to levels not seen in the Edmonton areas since records began, I think some areas could peak at 34C or 35C with dewpoints possibly as high as 26C.

SBcape peaking around 5000 with MLcape at 4000. EHI looks to peak a 6 at the 0-3km level and 2 at the 0-1km level. Mid level shear is expected to, severe supercells likely and the Edmonton area is in the middle of the danger zone, the capital region could expect very large hail exceeding the size of baseballs, wind gusts above 100km/h, and the risk of tornadoes. A squall line may follow the supercells packing winds of 100km/h or more, large hail, flash flooding, and very frequent and spectacular lightning.

Stay tuned for updates. Mike R(me) is south of Edmonton and ready to deploy

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