July 2nd Chase report: cut short by a deer.

Incredible heat and humidity, humidex rising as high as 46 created some significant instability.
Photgenic funnel cloud just west of Battle Lake, near the Twin Lake campground

Storms started to explode near Drayton valley, Rimbey, and Buck lake and moved northwest toward the Edmonton area. AlbertaWX was live streaming the first supercell near Winfield. The Storm toonie sized hail and some nice structure including a beautiful back lit funnel cloud, the funnel was well defined and spinning rapidly.
As I(Mike R) was re positioning east I collided with a deer which ended the days chase and could compromise the rest of July as I’m going to need to pay the deductible or possibly get a new car(maybe something more deer proof)

While I have the full coverage with rental i don’t think I want to take this Mitsubishi RVR near a supercell.

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