A new month, new extremes

After yet another cold April we may not see the 30C+ weather that usered in May of 2013. In fact we are about to break a 4 year break form May snowfall here at ALbertaWX. Acumulating snow is expected early next week, though not the kind of snow dumps we saw in 2010(last time it snowed in May) But this time coming with not just a few days but a whole week of temperatures up to 10C colder than normal, such has not been seen this time of year since 2003. Due to extreme patterns in the jet stream so late in the year it is likely May 2014 will continue to see weather extremes much like 2010 where near 30C temperatures were followed by heavy snow just a few days later.

Here is my May 2014 forecast, Only a few more weeks an we might be seeing our first severe WX of 2014.


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