August 2015 Forecast

The first 2 months of summer we a solid ~2°C warmer than normal for the bulk of the province. August is likely to continue the trend.

Overall We expect August to be warmer to much warmer than normal for all but the North-east part of the province. Precipitation should be below normal over central and southern Alberta with sightly wetter than normal in the extreme north-east.

Thunderstorm Activity is ramping up along the yellowhead and into north-western Alberta and calming down considerably in southern Alberta. This is in part due to a stronger Jet courtesy El Nino.

Aug 2015 tempAug 2015 precipAug 2015 Storm


August 1-10: Alternating periods of hot and dry with cool and wet. Frequent thunderstorm activity north. Particularly at night

August 10-20: Alternating hot and cool north, Hot south. Frequent severe thunderstorms possible over the capital region.

August 20-30: becoming Hot and dry as broad ridging extends into the mountains from the west. Alternating cold and warm-hot elsewhere. Thunderstorm activity prominent along the yellowhead

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